Green financing

Fingrid has long been engaged in purposeful work to enhance Finland’s competitiveness and promote the green transition. Corporate responsibility is an essential aspect of Fingrid’s business and value-creation for society and its various operators. Climate change mitigation and Finland’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2035 are the company’s key commitments to sustainable development.

Fingrid uses green financing to develop and expand the main electricity grid, enabling the transition to a clean electricity system. The company has used green financing to finance investment projects since 2017 (Green Bond). In summer 2023 Fingrid has established a Green Finance Framework and a Green Euro-Commercial Paper Programme that enable the company to cover its debt financing entirely with green financing. 


News and Press releases related to Green financing

Fingrid issued a EUR 500 million green bond

Fingrid to increase its use of green financing - Fingrid, published 4 September 2023

Fingrid Oyj signs a EUR 300 million sustainability linked Revolving Credit Facility - Fingrid, published 1 December 2021

NIB continues cooperation with Fingrid to strengthen the Finnish grid - Fingrid, published 17 November 2021

Fingrid receives an award from the Climate Bonds Initiative, published 15 May 2018

Fingrid’s Green Bond as part of the company’s responsible operating model, published 11 January 2018

Fingrid has issued a EUR 100 million Green Bond, published 23 November 2017




Jussi Pohjanpalo

Group Treasurer, Fingrid Oyj
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