Electricity market development projects

In recent years, Fingrid has published discussion papers and roadmaps on the current state and development of the electricity market. The most recent is Solutions for a Green Nordic Energy System, a joint Nordic report published in 2022.  Several major reforms will occur in the electricity market in the coming years. Some of the reforms will take place at the same time, making preparation more challenging. Reforms such as transitioning to a shorter trading period call for dialogue and coordination between different parties. The relevant parties will need to reach agreements, engage in discussion and understand different viewpoints to resolve the details about how the reforms will be implemented and ensure that the final entity serves Finnish electricity market operators and society as a whole as effectively as possible.

The upcoming reforms will drive the electricity market in a more real-time, market-oriented direction. The flexibility of electricity consumption and production is essential for a clean electricity system. Key themes of the changes to market structures are to reward flexible market operators and enable all the available flexibility, whether in electricity consumption, production or grid energy storage, to participate in the electricity market.

It is not enough to develop electricity market structures alone. A clean electricity system requires strong electricity transmission network. Fingrid is preparing for the energy transition by developing the main grid on a long-term basis, including both electricity transmission interconnectors between Finland and its neighbouring countries and connections within the country. More information about the development of the main grid is available here.

The Electricity Market Development Projects website describes all the main projects affecting the wholesale electricity market in the coming years. This website provides the latest information about the progress of such projects. The website allows you to discuss upcoming changes and ask questions.