Principles and operating methods

One of our most important goals when we design, build and maintain the main grid is to ensure that issues relating to environmental impact and land use are taken into consideration over the long term. We describe the work we do to reduce our environmental impact in Fingrid’s land use and environmental policy.

Fingrid’s general objectives, principles and operating methods:

  • We play our part in achieving climate goals by enabling new energy generation sites to be connected to the main grid and by developing the electricity market so as to enable the transition to a clean, reliable and market-oriented power system.
  • Our work on the development of the main grid seeks to reduce power losses during electricity transmission, thereby improving energy efficiency.
  • We undertake and promote research and development related to the land use and environmental impact of the electricity transmission system, including the potential health effects of electric and magnetic fields.
  • We minimise the adverse impact of our operations on the environment, landowners and neighbours.
  • We communicate openly, and we are in constant interaction with landowners and other stakeholders.
  • We take landowners and other interested parties into consideration in the design and construction of the main grid, as well as in operation and maintenance, ensuring that information is available and people have the opportunity to participate.