We are building a platform for a clean electricity system 

Over the next ten years, Fingrid will invest a record EUR 3 billion in the main grid. This growth in capital expenditure is the result of the considerable increase in electricity production and consumption related to the electrification of Finland. This is reflected in a growing north–south transmission demand and the need for new cross-border transmission connections to Sweden and Estonia.

Fingrid designs and builds transmission lines and substations on dozens of worksites annually. The Forest Line and Lake Line transmission line connections and innovative technical solutions that boost the grid’s transmission capacity ensure ample transmission capacity between Northern and Southern Finland and contribute to keeping Finland a single price area. Alongside its transmission line projects, Fingrid is building and modernising a record number of substations throughout Finland, enabling clean energy to be connected to the main grid.

In addition to strengthening the main grid, Fingrid is working on the Aurora Line electricity transmission connection to improve the cross-border connections with Sweden. The new connection will boost the cross-border capacity between the countries and reduce the price of electricity. The Helsinki 400 kilovolt power cable connection is also bringing the main grid to Helsinki. The project will address the needs and climate objectives of the growing city.

Whenever line routes are beign planned and in conjunction with transmission line maintenance work, Fingrid gives landowners, neighbors and other concerned parties an opportunity to express their views, to discuss the project and to co-operate in issues related to the project plan and its execution.

Projects on map

Fingrid’s map service shows the projects in Finland’s main grid.

The map allows the user to see project locations and open further information about projects. The map service also enables you to provide targeted feedback on Fingrid’s projects. The site is in Finnish.

Projects on map

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