How should I operate in the market?

Companies operate independently and actively in the electricity market. Active trading in the electricity market balances electricity market production and consumption.  

Electricity consumption and production must be in balance at all times. Fingrid’s reserve market balances production and consumption within a trading period. For this to succeed, as many operators as possible are needed in the reserve market. 

Customers have many different ways of participating commercially in the electricity market. In the derivatives market, electricity producers and consumers can trade electricity years in advance. The day-ahead and intraday markets are the main venues for electricity sales and purchases. In the intraday market, large electricity producers, retailers and consumers can ensure their power balance as production and consumption forecasts are revised closer to the moment of consumption – in Finland, this is up to the beginning of the hour of consumption. During the hour of consumption, Fingrid manages the power balance with the help of the reserve market. There are several reserve marketplaces for different purposes. Reserves are needed to balance the normal fluctuations in electricity consumption and production. They also provide balance in the event of sudden disturbances. In some cases, Fingrid uses reserves for transmission management purposes. 

When transmission outages are required for electricity network construction and maintenance, we hope our customers will engage in long-term planning with Fingrid.

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