Extranet service

Our extranet service offers electronic services to our stakeholders. Please find under the main service offering in each of our extranet services. You can access the service by clicking the icon and using your dedicated password. If you need a password, please consult our service specialist (specified under).

Please note that to access our balancing power and reserve market service you need to contact our service specialist (icon not available for access).

For email correspondence, please use firstname.lastname@fingrid.fi.

To administrate and operate guarantees of origin.  

Agreements, invoices, reports, grid connections and reactive power. 

Marjut Mäkelä,
Tel. +358 30 395 5125

Invoicing, reports, energy balance and hourly metering.

Antti Vesanen,
Senior Expert
Tel. +358 30 395 5186​
Pauli Schukov, Specialist
Tel. +358 30 395 5266

Detailed and descriptive picture of electricity quality at customers' connection point.
Antti Kuusela,
Tel. +358 30 395 5104
User rights
Antti Vesanen, Senior Expert
Tel. +358 30 395 5186
Electricity sellers and distribution network operation with contact information, latest news and technical instructions. 
Lauri Jännes, Specialist
tel. +358 30 395 5210 
Balancing Power and Reserves
Market place for reserves and balancing power. 
Laura Ihamäki, Specialist
Tel. +358 30 395 5166
Jyri Ruotsalainen, Specialist
Tel. +358 30 395 4163

Projects, maintenance, planning, consultancy
Heli Loikala, Specialist
Tel. +358 30 395 5158


Work safety notification before work starts
Tel. +358 30 395 4242
​Safety audits, observations and near-miss reports
Karri Koskinen, Expert
Tel. +358 30 395 520