Acts and decrees

Finland has had the Act on Verification and Notification of Origin of Electricity (1129/2003) in force since 2004, and it was amended by 445/2013 which entered into force on 1 July 2013. The new form of the act verifies the EU's RES directive, the aim of which is the promotion of the use of energy that originates from renewable energy sources, and which requires all EU Member States to execute a guarantee of origin system. The guarantee of origin of electricity is the only way to certify that the electricity has been produced using renewable energy sources.

The standard unit of the guarantee of origin is 1 MWh and it will be possible to transfer them between EU/EEA states.

Energy Authority regulations

The Energy Authority has issued a regulation based on the enclosed attachment about deadlines that must be observed when allocating used guarantees of origin to a certain calendar year, and when giving the Energy Authority information concerning the use of guarantees of origin.

According to Section 2 of the regulation, the obligation to certify the origin of electricity informed as having been produced from renewable energy sources must be met by cancelling guarantees of origin allocated to the previous calendar year with the registrar by 31 March the following year.