Electricity market services

We offer all market participants a unified bidding area Finland and the benefits of open European electricity markets. We are the most market favourable transmission company.

  • A unified electricity market. With a strong main grid, we ensure that Finland is a single bidding area. We offer access to the European electricity market with our cross-border connections. We provide the highest transmission capacity possible for the market on a continuous basis. We develop the rules of the market.

  • Reserve market. We maintain and develop the marketplaces for reserve and balancing power.

  • Balance services. We determine electricity balances and provide imbalance power for the balance responsible parties.

  • Datahub services. We offer an effective platform for information exchange for parties operating in the retail market.

  • Guarantees of origin. We guarantee the origin of electricity for renewable forms of energy.

  • Open data on the electricity market. We provide information on the electricity market openly and free of charge.


We develop our services in close cooperation with our customers and take into account their different needs. Our tariffs are among the lowest in Europe.