Examine grid connections on a map

Grid Scope map was developed to provide our customers and stakeholders with a snapshot of the status of grid planning and to support the realization of regional visions and planning of different parties. The service includes a rough estimation of grid connectivity in different parts of the grid during the following years. Estimations for grid connectivity of both, new power plants as well as consumption, are visualised. The power line route needs and substation locations that are still under planning are preliminary outlines and they will be refined as the planning progresses.

Please open Grid Scope map link in new browser.

Information shown in Grid Scope:

  • Fingrid’s and customer’s the existing power grid (voltage level at least 110 kV).
  • The publicly planned production projects (especially wind power projects) and their development stage (zoning process, under construction, in production, etc.). The information is based on the available material and the specific projects can be seen by zooming in on the map level. The location information is indicative.
  • Fingrid's investment plan for the next ten-year period, which will be further specified as the planning progresses. The preliminary information is shown on the upper map levels and will be specified closer to the implementation date. Please note that the power line route needs and substation locations that are still under planning are preliminary outlines.
  • Fingrid's under implementation and recently completed construction projects.
  • An estimate of the connection capacity for production and consumption (separate layers) in the main grid currently and in future years. The information is calculated for some of the main grid substations. Our grid planning is updating the capacities as they are calculated.

Please note that when a project is implemented, it affects the capacity of other substations and power lines.

The service is available in Finnish, English, and Swedish, and it is free of charge. Fingrid does not guarantee that information is comprehensive and error-free. For more detailed connectivity discussions please contact Fingrid customer managers.

We value your feedback about our service as we are still in the early stages of its development. Please send your feedback via this link.