Impacts of transmission lines on people

The land and trees under a transmission line belong to the landowner. There are many different ways of utilising transmission line areas. Find out more about the multiple uses of transmission line areas here.

In accordance with the nation-wide land use objectives, stipulated in the Land Use and Building Act, the objective is to primarily utilise existing rights-of-way. In the planning of new transmission line routes, our aim is to avoid the proximity of residential areas, day-care centres, playgrounds and schools.

In the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure for transmission line projects, the impacts on people's living conditions, living comfort and health are assessed. The assessment also takes into account the corona noise caused by the transmission line, as well as concerns relating to the possible health effects of electric and magnetic fields. Here you can find out more about Fingrid's transmission line projects as a landowner and participate in planning (in Finnish).

We make sure that the electric and magnetic fields caused by transmission lines remain below the recommended maximum values, and we have released a related statement on electric and magnetic fields. Read our statement (in Finnish). Information on the effects of electric and magnetic fields can be found here.