Guarantees of origin (GO) for Electricity

Fingrid's services: Guarantees of origin
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We guarantee the origin of electricity for renewable and nuclear forms of energy.

GOs for electricity are certificates that can be used to verify that electricity has been produced from renewable energy sources, nuclear energy or by high-efficiency cogeneration.

An electricity supplier that sells or uses renewable energy in its marketing must certify the origin of the electricity. In the same way, an electricity producer and user that, in its other business, gives its customers information about the origin of the electricity it uses, must verify the proportion of renewable energy sources. Verification takes place by cancelling an amount of guarantees of origin corresponding to the amount of electricity marketed as renewable nuclear.

Fingrid Oyj is responsible for the electronic GO register service in Finland. Fingrid Oyj has separated this task to be managed by its fully owned subsidiary Finextra Oy. Keeping of a register is an official task which is supervised by the Energy Authority. Finextra's GO register was taken into use on 1.1.2015.

Finextra is a member of AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies). Transfers of GOs between AIB member states are carried out via the EECS Hub administered by AIB.


Kirsi Salmivaara

tel. +358 30 395 5227

Kaija Niskala

Manager, Energy Accounting and Guarantees of Origin
tel. +358 30 395 5147