Transactions of GOs

Issuance of GO

GOs are primarily issued once a month for the production period of the calendar month in question. GOs can be issued in periods of 3 or 6 months instead of 1 – this choice can be made separately for each power plant at the time of registration. The account holder commits to following the selected issuance period for one calendar year. The account holder can also suspend the issuing of guarantees of origin for a desired period, but GOs cannot be issued retroactively for the period of suspension. 

GOs for multifuel power plants can only be issued after the account holder has entered the monthly fuel distribution of the power plant directly into the GO register.

In conjunction with issuing GOs, Fingrid also grants the EKOenergy additional product symbol of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to those power plants that are entitled to it.

Transfer of GO

GOs may be transferred from one account holder to another within the Finnish GO register, and GOs can also be imported/exported between other AIB (Association of IssuingBodies) member registers via the Hub administered by the AIB.

Cancellation of GO

An issued GO is used by cancelling it, after which it cannot be used again. Cancellation is proof that the electricity has been produced using renewable energy sources.

Account holders make the required number of cancellations of GOs in the electronic register.

A GO which is used to verify information given to users of electricity in year x should be cancelled by 31 March in year x+1.