Reserve Trading and Information Exchange

The precondition for participating on Fingrid’s reserve marketplaces is the right and correct exchange of information between balancing service providers and Fingrid. Information exchange requirements and implementations vary slightly between different reserve markets.

The main information exchange platform between balancing service providers and Fingrid is the VAKSI system. Vaksi is an Internet-based application where reserve suppliers – after receiving a user ID – can amongst others submit reserve bids to various marketplaces. Accepted bids are also stored in Vaksi, and activations requested on the mFRR-market can also be accepted there.

In addition to the Vaksi-system, Fingrid also uses other information exchange methods, such as EDIEL messaging and, in an increasingly important role, ECP messaging. Real-time reporting between Fingrid and the balancing service providers is implemented in the FEN or KoVa-FEN network or via web data transfer.

Detailed instructions on the exchange of information in the various reserve markets are available in the document “Fingrid's reserve trading and information exchange guidelines” under attachments.

More detailed information about ECP can be found under the ECP messaging website.