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Legal Terms

Please read carefully the following conditions of use. Browse this website only if you accept the following terms and conditions.

All contents of this website are copyright of Fingrid Oyj. All rights reserved. Do not store, reproduce or modify the logo and trademarks of Fingrid Oyj. Use of other material is allowed, provided that the contents of such material are not altered and source is indicated.

Fingrid Oyj provides general information on its services and activities on this website, but Fingrid Oyj is not obliged to offer or deliver any products and services in accordance with information included on this website. Contents of this website may be changed, updated or removed and access to this website may be denied without prior notice.

Fingrid Oyj uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this website, but Fingrid Oyj does not warrant the completeness and accuracy of any information contained on this website. This website may contain typographical and technical errors, computer viruses and outdated information. Due to the nature of the Internet and potential malicious behaviour beyond our control, Fingrid Oyj cannot guarantee the accuracy of information at all times. We recommend that you check any information directly from the relevant contact person before acting or making decisions based on such information.

Fingrid’s website contains a selection of market information, which is designed to provide general information for those interested in the electricity market, but is not intended for commercial use. Fingrid does not warrant the accuracy and availability of such market information. Always check the correctness of market information before relying on it.

Fingrid Oyj shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from use of this website.

Fingrid Oyj assumes no responsibility for contents of websites published by third parties that Fingrid’s website may have a link to.

By submitting material to any Fingrid Oyj server, for example by e-mail or via web pages, a user agrees and confirms that the user has the right to submit the material to Fingrid Oyj to be used freely without any compensation to the user or a third party, that the material is not unlawful, not in violation of good practice, or otherwise unfit for publication and that, before submitting the material, the user has taken reasonable precautions to detect and remove any viruses and other disruptive or destructive features contained in it.

Fingrid Oyj is not responsible for the contents of any material submitted by the users of its web pages. Fingrid Oyj may at its discretion remove any material sent by users from its pages at any time.

Fingrid Oyj’s services and the use of this website shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Finland.

These terms will take effect on 1 August 2012, and they will remain in force until further notice. Fingrid has the right to change or replace these terms unilaterally. The date on which the legal terms were last modified is stated in conjunction with the terms.

Last checked on 2 October 2017.