Why invest in Finland?

Most of the electricity consumed in Finland already comes from renewable and carbon-neutral production methods. Olkiluoto 3, Finland’s newest nuclear power plant, is now online. Recent years have also seen the construction of onshore wind power with over twice the output of Olkiluoto 3. The volume of solar power has also increased markedly in recent years. In short, the transition towards emission-free electricity production is well underway. Finnish electricity is not only clean but also affordable. It facilitates green industrial investments in emission-free production. We will get rid of fossil fuels, thereby contributing to curbing climate change.

Finnish electricity is transmitted reliably from electricity producers to consumers: Fingrid’s main grid has a transmission reliability rate of over 99.9999 %. As industry and society as a whole become more dependent on electricity, it is important for us to have access to electricity whenever we need it. Furthermore, electricity transmission in the main grid is affordable: Fingrid’s transmission tariff is among the lowest in Europe. Fingrid will continue developing the main grid to meet its customers’ needs. We have embarked on a major investment programme that will prepare us to connect new industries and electricity production facilities to the power system.

We help and guide our customers through every phase, from planning their main grid connections to entering the market.

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