What is Datahub?

There is a total of 3.7 million electricity accounting points in Finland. An accounting point might be a home, sports field, ice cream stand, industrial facility, or any other place that consumes electricity. The information systems of distribution system operators (DSOs) and electricity suppliers contain an abundance of information on each accounting point, such as contact details concerning the owner or holder of the accounting point, and accounting point consumption data.

Currently, information about the accounting points and customer relationships is fragmented across various systems from one company to another, and the systems cannot exchange information very quickly with each other. Information exchange is needed, for example, when a consumer switches the electricity supplier, and approximately 400,000 such switches take place every year in Finland.

A shared system called Datahub has been developed to clarify and speed up this exchange of information. Datahub will improve the operation of all parties – the electricity consumers, electricity suppliers and the parties responsible for electricity transmission – since all data and transactions associated with the consumption of electricity are located in a single system, are up-to-date and equally available for all eligible parties.

Fingrid Datahub

Datahub is a centralised information exchange system for the electricity retail market. Datahub is a database for measurement, customer and metering point information used by market parties to submit and retrieve information needed for their market processes.


How will I benefit from a shared system?

Since Datahub is a centralised information exchange system, the data stored therein will be accessed by approximately 100 electricity suppliers and over 80 DSOs responsible for the transmission of electricity. Centralising the data from operator-specific systems into a single location will also improve the service experience of all electricity consumers.

Data associated with electricity contracts, accounting points and their consumption will be more rapidly available for various parties, which will improve customer service. For example, changing the electricity supplier will be quicker.

A shared system will also enable the development of new types of applications for the electricity consumers, such as apps that enable the user to save energy or monitor electricity consumption.

Will my data be safe?

Privacy and information security play a particularly important role in the development of Datahub. Personal data and accounting point information will be exchanged reliably and securely between the parties. During the information exchange, special attention is paid to ensure that data is only disclosed to parties entitled to it. All information entered into the system is traceable.

In order for this centralised information exchange to work correctly, information on accounting points and customers must be correct in the system. Secure exchange of information requires that each accounting point and its owner be identified unambiguously. If the consumer is a private person, the information is identified with their personal identity code; if the consumer is a company, the information is identified with the Business ID.

How can I see what data information is stored about me in the system?

An electricity consumer will have the opportunity to view their information stored in the system. This can take place in the Datahub customer service portal, in addition to the online services of their own electricity company. The service will display the user’s personal data and their electricity consumption information. Logging into the service uses the Suomi.fi strong authentication. Having a personal identity code provides the customer access to the Datahub customer portal where they can see their own information in Datahub, and also authorise other parties to access their information.


In a nutshell

  • Pursuant to the Electricity Market Act, information on electricity consumption, such as consumption and customer information of an accounting point will be transferred to a shared information exchange system called Datahub.

  • A shared system will improve the service provided to an electricity consumer, since the parties can exchange information in real time.

  • An electricity consumer can monitor the consumption information of their accounting points in a single system, independently of DSOs or electricity suppliers.

  • Information security and privacy are ensured, and information can only be accessed by the parties entitled to do so. When all information can be found in a single location, it is also easier to trace.

  • Datahub is administered by Fingrid Datahub Oy, which is a subsidiary of Fingrid, the Finnish transmission system operator.

    If you have any questions about the supply or transmission of electricity or, perhaps, your electricity contract, please contact your electricity supplier or distribution system operator.