How can I enter the electricity market?

Electricity is traded in various marketplaces. Markets balance the electricity supply and demand and ensure that society has access to electricity. To participate in the electricity market, you need a grid connection. After commissioning, you will also need a dedicated balance responsible party and a 24/7 control centre in Finland. You should start planning well ahead of time and check which grid connection requirements you need to consider.

At this stage, it is a good idea to check whether your facility is suitable for use as a power system reserve. This will make it easy to join the reserve market in the future. If you participate in the reserve market, you can contribute to the security of the power system and facilitate the energy transition. Read more >

Connecting to the grid

Connecting to the grid requires close cooperation between the customer and the network operator.

Grid connections often require network operators to make investments; sometimes, it can take years to ensure capacity. In the best cases, however, customers can obtain connections quickly by planning their projects in areas with plenty of grid connection capacity. Fingrid’s Grid Scope service shows the main grid connection capacity. Check Grid Scope to find out whether connections are available and submit a connection enquiry in Fingrid’s map service.

For details on Fingrid’s contact people and further information about planning, agreeing on and implementing a connection solution, read more >  

Controlling the facility   

In Finland, the operations of control centres and the control of grid-connected facilities differ from the norms in Central Europe. Every facility with high-voltage equipment and a connection to the high-voltage network in Finland must have a control centre capable of operating the electrical equipment and facility 24/7. The European network code requires control centres that control power plants and wind farms to have 24-hour operability in the event of a power system disturbance.

Maintaining the power balance 

Every electricity market participant must continuously manage their power balance. In other words, they must manage the balance between electricity production and consumption, as well as energy trades. In practice, electricity producers produce the electricity they sell, and electricity consumers consume the electricity they buy. Since these volumes are seldom equal, customers need an “open supplier” to maintain their power balance. 


Connecting to Datahub

At this stage, it is advisable to check whether you will connect to Datahub. Take the test > 

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