Main electricity transmission lines

The main transmission lines are the 400 kV transmission line connections over the most important cross-sections in the main grid. Cross-sections are virtual boundaries defined on electrotechnical bases. The transmission of electricity on power lines passing through the cross-sections is closely monitored.

There are two cross-sections in Finland’s main grid: Cross-section Kemi-Oulujoki (P0) and Cross-section Central Finland (P1).

The main transmission lines passing over the northern Finland cross-section are roughly located as follows:

The Coastal Line (Keminmaa–Oulu–Vaasa–Turku)

The River Line (Oulu–Alajärvi–Kangasala–Helsinki)

The Lake Line (Oulu–Kuopio–Mikkeli–Lappeenranta)

The Forest Line (Oulu–Petäjävesi)