Imbalance settlement

Imbalance settlement determines the electricity deliveries between the parties operating in the electricity market. Imbalance settlement is based on a hierarchic imbalance settlement model and on chains of open deliveries.

The party highest in the chain is Fingrid's Balance Service Unit, which is the open supplier of the balance responsible party. The open delivery of a balance responsible party can include parties, and a party's open delivery can further include parties. All parties of chains of open deliveries under the balance responsible party belong to the balance responsible party's balance responsibility. The most important thing is that each party engaged in electricity trade has one open supplier.

The calculations carried out within imbalance settlement are based on 15 minute energies which are obtained from 15 min energy measurements, load profiles and fixed deliveries.

The deliveries can be measured deliveries or fixed deliveries agreed beforehand for a particular 15 minute. Ascertaining the volumes of measured deliveries and reporting these is the responsibility of the network operator, and ascertaining the volumes of fixed deliveries and reporting these is the responsibility of the electricity market parties themselves. The power balance of each party operating in the electricity market is obtained as the result of imbalance settlement.