Unified electricity market

Fingrid's services: Unified electricity market
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With a strong main grid, we ensure that Finland is a single bidding area. We offer access to the European electricity market with our cross-border connections. We provide the highest transmission capacity possible for the market on a continuous basis. We develop the rules of the market.

Fingrid actively promotes efficient electricity market by developing rules and practices together with stakeholders and by taking care of the efficient use and development of the power system. The bases of the grid development are the forthcoming needs of the customers (production and consumption), efficiency of electricity market in the Baltic sea area, cost efficiency and management of aging grid.

The Nordic countries are divided into bidding zones according to the physical transmission capacity of the Nordic power system. The price within a bidding zone will be unitary. The congestions in the transmission lines between the bidding zones split the market area into separate price areas.

When congestions occur in the grid, the transmission system operators get income from the market participants for using the transmission capacity. The income is called congestion income. Congestion income is directed to investments that aim to remove the congestions in the grid according to EU legislation. Temporarily the congestions can be relieved by counter-trade.