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Fingrid's services: Balance services
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We determine electricity balances and provide imbalance power for the balance responsible parties

Fingrid is responsible for maintaining a continuous power balance in Finland and for the nation-wide imbalance settlement.

Each party operating in the electricity market must take continuous care of its power balance, i.e. the party must maintain a continuous power balance between its electricity production, procurement, consumption and sales. In practice, an electricity market party cannot do this by itself, which is why it must have an open supplier which balances the power balance of the party. A party whose open supplier is Fingrid is referred to as a balance responsible party.

The open delivery between Fingrid and a balance responsible party is agreed upon through a balance agreement, whose terms are public and equal to all. In addition, the balance responsible party signs an imbalance settlement agreement with eSett Oy (more information at www.esett.com). Upon signing the imbalance service and imbalance settlement agreement, the balance responsible party receives, in addition to an open delivery, services related to imbalance settlement between the balance responsible party, Fingrid and eSett.

In its operations, the balance responsible party must comply with the balance agreement (part 1 and part 2, enclosed) concerning national balance obligation and imbalance settlement and the Nordic Imbalance Settlement Handbook valid at a given time.