Datahub services

We offer a powerful information exchange platform for parties operating in the electricity retail market

Finland is powered by electricity. Everyone of us is an electricity consumer. We can compare different options and services and purchase electricity from the supplier we prefer. We are part of the electricity market and the associated exchange of information.

According to the Electricity Market Act, Fingrid is responsible for developing the information exchange required for electricity trading and imbalance settlement. Fingrid has developed an information exchange service for electricity market parties (electricity suppliers and network operators) in order to promote accurate information exchange and develop efficient procedures. The term ‘Datahub services’ refers to both the Datahub project in which we are building a centralised information exchange system for the market parties and the current information exchange services.

Fingrid’s information exchange services are a part of the electricity market information exchange environment. In order to develop an efficient and accurate information exchange, Fingrid works with parties such as electricity market operators, service providers, the supervisory authority, the legislature, advocacy organisations, national and international organisations involved in developing messaging traffic, and other transmission system operators.

The service provided by Fingrid must be efficient, and must promote impartial, non-discriminatory information exchange.



Pasi Aho

CEO, Fingrid Datahub Oy
tel.  +358 30 395 5262