General connection terms

By virtue of the Finnish Electricity Market Act Fingrid has a responsibility to develop the Finnish electricity power system and an obligation to connect regional and distribution networks and power plants to its main grid. On request and against reasonable compensation the system operator is obliged to provide access to the main grid for electricity consumption sites and power generating installations with technically approved connection solution.

The General Connection Terms (YLE) describe the general technical specifications for electrical equipment connected to the electricity grid. The connection terms ensure the technical compatibility of parties connecting to the grids and define the rights, responsibilities and obligations related to a connection.

The customer is responsible for agreeing with customers directly or indirectly connected to its electricity network that their electricity networks and related electrical equipment also meet Fingrid’s general connection terms as well as other guidelines and requirements related to implementing the connection. Observing the general connection terms allows us to ensure that different electricity systems are technically compatible.

The general connection terms apply to Fingrid’s electrical equipment and to the electrical equipment owned or controlled by another contracting party that is connecting to Fingrid’s electricity grid.