Meaningful work for the good of Finnish society


Fingrid makes sure that Finland receives an undisrupted supply of electricity now and in the future. We have an influence on the daily life on each and every Finn through our main tasks: to reliably transmit electricity, to actively promote electricity markets and to develop the main grid in the long term. We want to be an international-scale model company in the field of grid operations.

The mainstay of our operations is a productive, innovative and healthy working community. In pursuit of our goals, we rely on our modern and efficient low matrix organisation and our advanced, encouraging HR policy that supports employee commitment and continuous development.

Our values are the basis for all our operations: transparency, fairness, efficiency and responsibility. These form a sustainable basis for high work motivation, a good working environment and a transparent operating culture. A stable, modern and internationally esteemed company provides excellent opportunities for employees to acquire skills working with meaningful tasks.

In order for us to develop as a company and employer, we monitor the working community atmosphere, personnel job satisfaction and management by carrying out measurements and surveys at regular intervals.

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