Hydrogen economy project

In autumn 2021, Fingrid and Gasgrid Finland initiated a joint research project whose main objective was to study and create new expertise about the role and opportunities of energy transmission systems in supporting the hydrogen economy and enabling exports. The project aimed to use extensive research and modelling work to create new knowledge about the possibilities of a hydrogen economy in Finland and its impacts on the energy system.

The joint project examined the role of energy transmission grids as enablers of hydrogen economy growth and a clean energy system. It also analysed the necessary investments and the value of a potential future hydrogen market. The joint project describes various scenarios for the development of Finland's future hydrogen economy and energy infrastructure. In addition, the project examined the hydrogen economy’s value chains, investigated technical issues related to hydrogen infrastructure, the construction of hydrogen infrastructure and its costs, and the status and necessary development of hydrogen economy regulations.

The joint project was part of an umbrella project known as Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification (HYGCEL), funded by Business Finland. In the public project part of HYGCEL, universities and companies worked together to study the system-level impacts of the energy transition, the energy system and the hydrogen economy. Fingrid and Gasgrid carried out their joint research project alongside the public project entity.