Peak load capacity fees

The peak load capacity system is financed by means of separate fees based on the utilisation of the power system and the high-voltage transmission grid. The fees, which the transmission system operator with system responsibility is entitled to collect from the users of transmission services, are levied from electricity consumption. The peak load capacity fee is also used for covering the reasonable costs borne by Finextra and a reasonable return for the management of the peak load capacity system.

The amount of the peak load capacity fee charged from the customers is determined on the basis of the compensations paid to the power plant units and facilities capable of demand response of electricity. 


During this peak load reserve period, the invoicing policy has changed to comply with the rules of use as follows: the compensations for maintaining peak load reserve will be invoiced according to the consumption of electricity during weekdays in the winter period 1 December - 28 February and during the day-time hours 7.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m. If the peak load reserve is activated during the winter period, also the costs for the activation will be allocated to the electricity consumption over day-time hours on winter-period weekdays.

If no activation of the peak load reserve is needed outside the winter period, customers will not be invoiced. If the peak load reserve is required, the costs will be allocated to the consumption of electricity during the activation month. For example, the cost of activating the peak load reserve during October will be allocated to all hours of electricity consumption in October and the invoice will be sent to the customer in early November.