Research and development

Research and development (R&D) supports Fingrid’s strategy. Its main tasks at Fingrid are to tackle the new challenges caused by energy transition, to improve the quality and cost efficiency of operation and to create a new competence.

At Fingrid, the best ideas are refined either directly or via R&D projects into improved operating models, new methods or services. In addition to ideas from our personnel, we are also happy to hear proposals and suggestions for development from outside Fingrid.

The annual volume of research and development projects has been between two and four million euros. Only a third of the projects are carried out by us; external work is divided between universities, research institutions, consultants and other operators. Our R&D portfolio contains around 50–70 projects among Fingrid’s strategic themes. s areas, grouped according to the headings, are presented here.

Synergy benefits from cooperation

Customers and stakeholders are important partners for Fingrid as the enablers of various pilot and demonstration projects. They also give us valuable ideas for operational development. Furthermore, cooperation with different service providers and start-up companies creates the best kind of synergy: for companies, the opportunity for generating new business and piloting their innovations in a real environment and with real data, and for Fingrid, the opportunity to acquire the methods and services it needs on the strongest possible market basis.

We receive numerous ideas each year from our service providers for grid construction and maintenance development. With the help of ideas and research projects, we strive to continuously improve things like occupational safety and cost efficiency.

Universities, research institutions and other educational establishments have an important role as research experts for the industry and developers of expertise in general. Furthermore, R&D activities with their present level and extent would not be possible without the resources they provide.

R&D cooperation with Nordic transmission system operators enables joint-Nordic research projects into solutions to shared challenges. Coordination for Nordic R&D activities is the responsibility of the Nordic R&D group with representatives from all Nordic countries. We participate in European research cooperation through ENTSO-E's Research and Development Committee. Joint-European research needs for the next ten-year period have been collected in ENTSO-E's R&D roadmap.


​Jussi Matilainen

Technology and Development
Manager, R&D
tel. +358 30 395 5143

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