Network design

We develop the main grid by anticipating the needs of our customers and society.

The main grid development is based on customers' future needs, promotion of the functionality of the electricity markets in the Baltic Sea region, maintenance of the level of system security, cost efficiency and management of the ageing of the grid.

Fingrid develops the Finnish main grid and the connections to other interconnected power systems on the basis of anticipated transmission needs and by following the European grid dimensioning principles and engineering practices.

Confidential interaction with customers and other interest groups, taking into account the development needs of the electricity markets, and drawing up analyses and forecasts required for planning, together with other main grid organisations, are an important part of main grid development.

Securing the transmission capacity ensures adequate and good-quality electricity transmission for customers and the functioning of the electricity market. Planning work complies with European grid dimensioning principles and planning practices.

Long-term grid development is technoeconomically optimised, while ensuring the preconditions for future operations. For this purpose, we compile and maintain a main grid development plan, which is coordinated with the grid plans covering the Baltic Sea region and all of Europe.

Success in grid development is measured by analysing the adequacy of capacity, system security, quality of projects and costs, as well as by monitoring the achievement of goals.