Connection agreement and grid connection fees

The details of main grid connections are agreed in a separate connection agreement that specifies the ownership and obligation boundaries and the connection fees.

The connection agreement takes effect when the parties have signed it and the customer has paid the connection fee specified in the agreement.

The connection agreement shall be valid indefinitely, with a three-year termination period and a minimum term of 15 years from the date of signature.

Electricity transmission is agreed upon by means of a main grid contract before the main grid connection is commissioned and energized. The contract requires the technical terms for the main grid connection to be fulfilled and the customer to have a valid connection agreement and an open electricity supplier agreement.

Fingrid levies a fixed connection fee for new connections to the main grid. The fixed connection fees are based on the average costs borne by Fingrid due to corresponding connections at the voltage level in question. The connection fees are adjusted annually on the basis of the actual construction costs of the grid.