Using transmission line rights-of-way

Transmission line rights-of-way do not need to be wasteland – they can be put to many good uses. However, the range of activities available in transmission line rights-of-way is limited in order to ensure electrical safety. Various ways of utilising rights-of-way are presented in the idea cards for landowners.

The series of idea cards for landowners describes potential ways of using transmission line rights-of-way. Diverse transmission line areas can offer good habitats for game animals, pollinators or wetland species. They can also be put to more use as recreational areas and for diversifying the landscape.

The themes of the cards are:

  • Grazing animals look after the landscape
  • Cultivating Christmas trees
  • Biodiversity in wetlands
  • Save the pollinators
  • Growing delicacies or beautiful scenes
  • Game animals in the crosshairs
  • Traditional habitats, treasure of the landscape
  • Landscaping transmission line rights-of-way in yard and garden areas
  • Natural products from transmission line rights-of-way

You can read more about working in transmission line rights-of-way here: Fingrid’s permission is required for all construction and structural alteration in transmission line rights-of-way. Instructions for applying for permits and statements are available on our website.