Investor calender 2020
28.1.-27.2.2020 closed period
27.2.2020 Financial Review, Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019
24.3.-23.4.2020 closed period
23.4.2020 Management’s Review
28.6.-28.7.2020 closed period
28.7.2020 ​ Interim Report January–June 2020
29.9.-29.10.2020 closed period
29.10.2020 Management’s Review

Fingrid’s Annual General Meeting 2020, is scheduled to be held on 20 March 2020. The shareholders are invited to notify the Board of Directors of the company about a matter which the shareholder demands to be dealt with by the General Meeting, given that the matter falls within the competence of the General Meeting. A written notification shall be sent at the latest on 10 February 2020, to the General Counsel Marina Louhija by e-mail to the address


​Investor calender 2019 
26.2.2019 Financial Review, Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018
24.4.2019 Management’s Review 
23.7.2019  Interim Report January–June 2019
​23.10.2019 Management’s Review


The Annual General Meeting was held on 21 March 2019.



Jan Montell

Chief Financial Officer, Fingrid Oyj
tel. +358 30 395 5213 

Jussi Pohjanpalo

Group Treasurer
tel. +358 30 395 5176