Raise a compliance concern

Each Fingrid employee is committed to observing, in their work, the company’s Code of Conduct, which is based on the UN Global Compact and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We ensure that work is carried out according to this Code of Conduct in our supervisor activity and through the efforts of the entire workforce.

Many feedback and reporting channels are at the disposal of Fingrid personnel and our external stakeholders. The personnel are guided in their use in the Fingrid intranet.

The external stakeholders can send feedback and questions on an electronic feedback form.

If operations are suspected to be against Fingrid’s Code of Conduct or the law and information cannot be conveyed directly to Fingrid contact person, a confidential and independent reporting channel is available. This channel is meant to be used in suspected cases of malfeasance or criminality, which may concern, for example, bookkeeping, conflicts of interest, corruption, the stock market or other financial irregularities. We follow up suspicions of activity contrary to this Code of Conduct confidentially and professionally, guaranteeing the protection of privacy. We ensure that the reporter of a misdemeanour does not suffer negative consequences.

The reporting channel SpeakUp is maintained by a Dutch company called People InTouch, which also converts messages received by telephone to a written format. At Fingrid, reports are dealt with by the lawyer responsible for compliance, the General Counsel and the CEO.

A report may be submitted to the channel either in Finnish, Swedish or English. It can be made anonymously, but we recommend that contact information be left in order to help investigation of the case.

A report can be made on an online form or alternatively by calling and dictating a message to the respondent (free hotline numbers for each country can be found below ). In the service, the ID code asked for is 70497.

The reporter receives a case number, which he/she can later use to listen to or read the response to the report sent by Fingrid. Fingrid’s response is available within 10 days at the latest. The response might contain further questions. All communication takes place via the SpeakUp channel.

National phone numbers and access codes



Access code

AUSTRIA 0800-295175 99977
BELGIUM 0800-71365 03851
CANADA 1-866-8181239 71876
CHINA 4009901434
If you are calling with provider Netcom:
If you are calling with provider Telecom:
CROATIA 0800223069 26776
CZECH REPUBLIC 800 900 538 81851
DENMARK 80885638 40411
ESTONIA 800 0044 208 11891
FINLAND 08001-13031 70497
FRANCE 0800-908810 00682
GERMANY 0800-1801733 33569
GREECE 0080044142695 29455
ICELAND 800 8809 87265
IRELAND 1800-552136 19614
ITALY 800-787639 33746
KOREA (SOUTH) 007984424261 28257
KOSOVO N/A 14182
LATVIA 8000 2490 76135
LUXEMBOURG 800-21048 53220
MONTENEGRO +31 205043275 (paid number) 62359
NETHERLANDS 0800 0222931 35291
NORWAY 800-18333 28956
POLAND 008004411739 87822
PORTUGAL 800-831528 58293
RUSSIA 810 800 2626 9902 74833
SERBIA 0800190078 54480
SINGAPORE 1800-8232206 09754
SLOVAKIA 0800004529 81515
SLOVENIA 080080806 16739
SPAIN 900-973174 02442
SWEDEN 020-798813 77421
SWITZERLAND 0800-561422 00643

00800 448824369

UNITED KINGDOM 0800-1693502 44262
UNITED STATES 1-866-2506706 11652