Good governance

Fingrid’s good governance is based on openness and a responsible operating model. The company is managed in compliance with the laws and regulations applying to its operations and the requirements of the corporate governance code for listed companies, as well as the company’s internal principles, policies and guidelines.

Responsible operating methods and procurement practices form a practical basis for Fingrid’s corporate responsibility. Management of compliance and corporate responsibility is strongly integrated into Fingrid’s management system and risk management. Our corporate culture is based on the strong commitment of our personnel to the company’s values and operating principles. Our entire working community is committed to responsible operating practices guided by the Code of Conduct, policies and guidelines. Responsibility is an integral part of Fingrid’s strategy.

The aims and requirements of responsible operations, good governance, internal control and risk management are largely defined by the company’s values, operating principles, and internal control and risk management principles, which are expressly approved by the Board of Directors.