Social responsibility

Fingrid’s operations are built upon expert employees who recognise the importance of their work in terms of customers, the company and society. In line with our values, we operate openly, fairly and responsibly when we interact with stakeholders. By working in close, long-term collaboration with customers and stakeholders, we will be able to promote the objective of a climate-neutral Finland. We aim to keep the main grid service fees low, thereby boosting Finland’s competitiveness.

Our corporate responsibility is based on open, communal, renewing and productive collaboration in which our expert employees are happy and healthy in a safe environment. The well-being of personnel is ultimately reflected onto customers and other key stakeholders. As a transmission system operator, we affect a number of parties that have different expectations for our operations. Consulting with the personnel, customers and other stakeholders about their expectations and engaging with them is an important part of our responsible business practices. We regularly survey the opinions of stakeholders, engage in dialogue, and collaborate in many ways.   

Our unique position in society obliges us to operate very cost-efficiently. Fingrid is well-known for its cost-efficiency: its grid service fees are among the lowest in Europe, and we intend to keep them low. We are a responsible taxpayer and a major investor in Finland, providing work for hundreds of people each year in addition to our own personnel. We take responsibility for the security of the main grid and the safety of our service providers, and we aim to ensure responsible operating practices throughout our supply chain.

Our collaboration with the landowners and neighbours near transmission lines is important to us. We engage in active communication with landowners, and we help them to identify opportunities to influence our transmission line projects.

Fingrid’s key stakeholders and channels of engagement are presented in the Corporate Responsibility > Social Responsibility section of the Annual Report