Multiple uses of transmission line areas, cultivation, protective row covers

Multiple uses

Grazing, and berry and mushroom picking are permitted in a transmission line area.

In forest land, transmission line areas have been utilised for example by growing Christmas trees and for feeding game animals. Transmission line areas are also utilised as growing areas for plants, trees and berries, and as butterfly habitats.
It is recommended to agree on the multiple uses of a transmission line area with Fingrid so that the company does not inadvertently cause damage in the relevant area in conjunction with maintenance and clearing work.

The erection of hunting towers and the establishment of management areas for game animals in transmission line areas always require the consent of the landowner and instructions from Fingrid.


The right-of-way can be used as a vegetable patch and for growing berry bushes, among other things. When planting bushes, a passage must be left in the centre line of the transmission line so that line inspectors and maintenance personnel can either walk or move their machinery from one tower to another.

Christmas trees can be cultivated in a right-of-way just as long as their height remains within the permitted limits. Growing of trees must be agreed upon with Fingrid.

Protective row covers

If a planted area is covered with protective row covers, weights or other fasteners must be used to ensure that the covers will stay in place also when there is a gusty and strong wind. Air turbulence can also remove the row covers. If, despite precautions, covers fly onto the transmission line structures, never try to remove them yourself. Fingrid must be notified accordingly without delay.

Row covers