Safe use of machinery

Ordinary agricultural machinery can be operated under a transmission line. Caution must be exercised when operating agricultural machinery near the tower structures. If, however, tower structures are damaged, inform Fingrid immediately.

If you are using an excavator, crane or other machinery near transmission line, make sure that you do not end up too close to the live phase conductors. No machinery must be brought into the tower area. Never drive machinery between the tower legs, under a guy wire, or closer than 3 metres from the tower structures. Trees located close to a transmission line should always be felled by professionals.

The table below present the permitted minimum distances of machinery with potential load from the phase conductors of a transmission line. See also the picture at the end this page.

Voltage level of transmission line  Minimum distance to machinery or load beneath phase conductors Minimum distance to machinery or load from phase conductors in horizontal direction
110 kV

220 kV

400 kV
3 metres

4 metres

5 metres
5 metres

5 metres

5 metres


If the loader or load touches the conductors while using machinery, proceed as follows

  • You are initially safe inside the cabin.
  • Try to run the machinery off the transmission line.
  • If the machine catches fire or if its tyres start to smoke, jump out of the machine so that both of your feet touch the ground simultaneously.
  • Do not touch the machine and ground simultaneously.
  • Bound so that only one foot touches the ground at a time and proceed to a distance of at least 20 metres from the machine as fast as possible.
  • Contact Fingrid immediately even if the transmission line is not visibly damaged.
  • Make sure nobody can access the area.