Online training

The goals of the online training are to improve the occupational safety awareness of people working at Fingrid’s worksites and to prevent accidents. The online training is based on the most important hazards at Fingrid’s worksites, the contract terms concerning safety and the relevant legislation.

Fingrid’s online training consists of five basic modules and ten advanced modules.

  • The basic modules contain information on Fingrid’s basic contract terms concerning safety, the general safety rules and legislation, and working at transmission lines and substations.
  • The advanced modules provide the student with more detailed information on the most significant hazards at Fingrid’s worksites and good practices to avoid hazards.
  • Online training is required for everyone working at Fingrid’s worksites.
  • Completed online training courses are valid for three years, after which they need to be retaken.

The online training is only intended to apply on Fingrid’s worksites in investments and maintenance. However, Fingrid’s online training is open to everyone who is interested in the topic.

You can sign in to the online training at this link: https://fingrid.trainings.gimletlms.com/en/login