Outage need notifications and safety declarations

Outage need

By means of the application for the compilation of outage needs, Fingrid’s customers can inform Fingrid of the outage needs in the transmission grid resulting from their own work.

The person feeding the outage need can use the application to present a separate outage item and a desired outage time. The outage need is forwarded from the Internet to the relevant Fingrid specialist. Fingrid processes the outage need on the basis of the information submitted.

Safety declaration

The safety declaration is a document which is drawn up to ensure the safety of all those moving at the work site. The safety declaration is used for recording contact information relating to the work, and such risks, plans and requirements which are not otherwise known by the relevant parties.

The safety declaration form is completed on the Internet and it is forwarded for processing to the relevant Fingrid specialist. After this, the declaration is distributed by e-mail to all necessary parties.

The data applications for outage need notifications and safety declarations can be accessed by logging in at https://turvailmo.fingrid.fi