Guidelines for town planners

The transmission lines in Fingrid’s main grid are transmission lines as referred to in section 22 of the Land Use and Building Act (132/1999), and, as such, they are significant in terms of the national land use objectives with regard to the national energy supply. Therefore, the authorities must ensure that the possibility to implement transmission lines is retained.

Transmission lines affect their immediate surroundings and impose various restrictions on land use in the transmission line area. Precise guidance can be issued for the majority of the restrictions. However, some of the restrictions are recommendations related to land-use planning. The guidelines also present a few typical forms of land use that require careful consideration if they are to be placed near transmission lines.

Transmission lines must also be taken into account in land-use planning when assessing the preconditions for a safe and healthy environment in accordance with sections 39 and 54 of the Land Use and Building Act.