Reserve power plants

Fingrid’s reserve power plants are a rapid disruption containment reserve that can be used in the event of a power shortage. Each plant is used for an average of just 10 hours per year. The plants are required to have environmental permits, and they are covered by the emissions trading scheme.

The aim of operating and maintaining reserve power plants is to ensure that the reserve power plants are ready to operate in the event of disturbances in the main grid and that the standard of occupational and environmental safety at the plants remains high.

  • The reserve power plants have environmental management systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, enabling us to continuously improve the standard of environmental safety.
  • We endeavour to reduce the flue gas emissions of reserve power plants using technical solutions, automation and control systems, and by optimising the methods of carrying out trial runs to ensure that the plant will start up when needed.
  • We set limits for the noise emissions of the equipment we purchase, and we ensure that the limits are respected by taking noise measurements.
  • We only handle and store the essential chemicals at reserve power plants.
  • We use several technical solutions to manage environmental risks, including shielding pools, leak alarms and oil deflectors.
  • We prepare ourselves in case of accidents by issuing operating plans, supplying oil spill response equipment, using effective, targeted fire detection and extinguishing equipment, and conducting regular emergency drills.