Registration of account holder

EECS GOs for Electricity

The service terms with Finextra  consist of the following:

  • Standard Terms and Conditions (STC) and Special Terms of Finextra
  • Finnish Domain Protocol
  • Power of Attorney, aggregation
  • Contact information form


Section "D.1 Registration of an Account Holder“ of the Domain Protocol Finland describes the requirements needed for the registration of an applicant. More detailed instructions are in the attachment "Instruction for registration".

Regional GOs for Electricity

It is also possible to issue and transfer regional electricity GOs, which are managed at least in the early stages using Excel and encrypted email. Regional GOs have their own pricing.

These shall be dealt with in accordance with the same administrative procedures as electricity EECS GOs.

The terms of the service agreement with Finextra consist of the following:

  • Regional GOs/Agreement
  • Regional GOs/Terms of service
  • Power of Attorney, aggregation
  • Contact information form