Term Explanation
An operator that is responsible for applying for guarantees of origin, the related account and its related administration on behalf of several energy producers.
Guarantee of origin
A certificate that is issued for energy produced in accordance with legislation on guarantees of origin.
Guarantee of origin register
A book-entry system in which guarantees of origin are kept.
Cancellation of a guarantee of origin
The use of a guarantee of origin in order to verify the origin of energy sold or bought.
Expiration or automatic expiration of a guarantee of origin
Guarantees of origin are valid for 12 months, after which they are automatically expired, if they have not been cancelled.
Issuing of a guarantee of origin
A guarantee of origin is issued on request, if the method of producing the energy and its energy sources have been certified in accordance with the law, and the applicant has given the registrar the information required for the issuing of such a guarantee.
Transfer of a guarantee of origin
Guarantees of origin can be transferred to other operators (in Finland and other EU/EEA states). A guarantee of origin can thus be transferred separately from the amount of energy that the guarantee concerns.
European Energy Certificate System; a European system for guarantees of origin, which consists of national registers, a centre that unites them and applied standards.
Association of Issuing Bodies; an organisation that maintains the EECS system, and which comprises members that keep the national registers.
The centre of the EECS system, through which guarantees of origin can be transferred from one register to another (like bank transfers from one bank to another).
A standard for electronic data transfer in the electricity and natural gas sectors based on the Nordic EDIFACT standard.
Finextra Oy
A subsidiary of Fingrid Oyj, which is responsible for the guarantee of origin register.
(Register) System
The register and the data system designed for its administration.
Additional product symbol
A certificate that is not in accordance with legislation on guarantees of origin. This symbol may be, for example, a symbol based on more stringent conditions that specify the origin of a produced unit of electricity – a symbol that can be gained by guarantees of origin that meet certain additional criteria. These symbols are administered in the system by third parties.
Multi-fuel power plant
A power plant in which several different fuels can be used, some fossil-based and some renewable.
Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (RE-DISS) Project (continuing until autumn 2015). Supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. Supports EPED and creates best practices for origin marking.
See Guarantee of origin register
Proof that an individual unit of energy (e.g. 1 MWh) has been produced in a certain way. The certificate may indicate, for example, by what form of production and where an individual unit of energy has been produced.