The members of ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, consist of 42 companies in 34 countries.

ENTSO-E's operations are regulated by the EU's cross-border transmission regulation EC No. 714/2009. The European transmission system operators must work together to promote the functioning of the electricity market and cross-border trade of electricity within the EU and to ensure the optimal management and co-ordinated operation of the transmission system as well as its technically sound development. In accordance with the cross-border transmission regulation, ENTSO-E must contribute to the preparation of network codes and ten-year network development plans for the European transmission system.

ENTSO-E's supreme decision-making body is the general assembly where all the members are represented. The work is headed by a Board, which has 10 members from all over Europe. The practical work is organised into four Committees: Market Committee, Operations Committee, System Development Committee, and Research and Development Committee. Various working groups and regional committees work under these. Law and information technology specialists support the activities through their own group. ENTSO-E's secretariat is located in Brussels.