ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) was established to assist and co-ordinate the work of national energy regulatory authorities. ACER is based in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. ACER's actions are regulated in the European parliament's and council's redrafted decree (EU) 2019/942 regarding the establishment of European Union's energy sector's regulation official's agency for cooperation.

ACER's duties:

  • drawing up of framework guidelines concerning electricity and gas networks, on the basis of which guidelines ENTSO-E and ENTSO-G, the co-operation organisations for the owners of transmission networks, prepare binding network codes
  • assessment of the implementation of the European and national ten-year network development plans
  • decisions in cross-border line issues, if the national regulatory authorities request this or if the regulators cannot reach an understanding in a cross-border line issue
  • monitoring the functioning of the internal market for electricity and natural gas
  • annual report on market functioning

Acer has a Director, an Administrative Board, a Board of Regulators, and a Board of Appeal. The Finnish Energy Market Authority represents Finland in the Board of Regulators, which consists of 27 representatives of national regulatory authorities. The Administrative Board has nine members appointed by the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Commission. The Administrative Board appoints six members in the Board of Appeal.