EIC codes

EIC codes are used to identify market participants participating in international trading. 

Energy Identification Code (EIC) is a standard code scheme for internal European energy markets. EIC identifies uniquely the market participants and other entities that are active in the European energy markets. The code scheme is a premise for reliable and efficient data exchange between the market participants and the transmission system operators, and a basis for automated electronic data interchange. EIC is widely used in Europe and all market operations are connected to a code. Generally only market parties trading internationally need EIC codes since EIC code is not used for data exchange in national retail markets. 

EICs are unique throughout the whole European energy market and only one code is allocated per a data exchange party. The code will be modified only if the status of the objective changes. Thus, for example, when a company alters its name the code will not be changed. 

EIC can be allocated according to the following object types: 

  • Parties (X codes) – Market participants, i.e. companies 
  • Areas (Y codes) – Areas for inter System Operator data exchange 
  • Measuring Points (Z codes) – Energy metering points 
  • Resource Objects (W codes) – Production plants, consumption units, etc. 
  • Tie-Lines (T codes) – International power links between areas 
  • Location (V codes) – Physical or logical place where a market participant or IT system is located. 

Only one X code will be allocated per VAT number, but for example in addition to X code, a grid company needs a Y code for the recognition of the grid area.   

EIC codes are administrated and supplied by the Central Issuing Office of ENTSO-E or Local Issuing Offices. It is recommendable to apply for an EIC from the nearest office, and in practice, Local Issuing Offices are generally transmission system operators. The admission of the codes are regulated with well defined rules in order to ensure uniform allocation. 

Please find the list of the issued EIC codes on right side of the page (Links). 

EIC codes can be applied via email, lio@fingrid.fi. Please note that EIC is only a coding scheme and it does not guarantee the right to trade energy.  


EIC code for metering grid areas in datahub: 

Datahub uses EIC-Y codes as codes for metering grid areas. All distribution grids, as well as other grid areas that have exchange point(s) to the distribution grid, are included in the datahub. If the new metering grid area will have an exchange point to the distribution grid, an EIC-Y code must be applied for such a new metering grid area, and the metering grid area must be created in the datahub system. Other grid areas are also recommended to apply for their own EIC-Y codes if the grid area is treated as a separate metering grid area in the national imbalance settlement. 


If the company applying for a Y code does not yet have an EIC-X code, an X code will be created at the same time. However, the X-code is not used in datahub data exchange, but the GLN ID is used as the party ID in the datahub. More information on the use of the GLN code can be found in the instruction: Using GS1 IDs in the electricity retail market. 


Information to be reported when applying for a code 

  • Which code is being applied 
  • The company's address information and company ID / VAT ID 
  • Contact details: name, email address, phone number