R&D focus areas

Current R&D focus areas, grouped according to the headings, are presented below.

Adequacy of the transmission system

  • Developing need and profitability analyses for grid investments
  • Technical compatibility and efficient utilisation of transmission capacity
  • Reducing the load on the environment
  • Maintenance management

System operation

  • Technical properties and cost-efficient procurement of reserves
  • Impact of changes in production structure and demand on system operation
  • Real-time management of transmission capacity and system security
  • Preparing for unusual and extreme situations

Promoting the electricity market

  • Impact of future production and consumption structure on market mechanisms
  • Opportunities and impacts of alternative market mechanisms
  • Promoting market-based demand response
  • Developing the information exchange environment
  • Integration of the EU and Russian markets

Customers and stakeholders

  • Developing electronic services and communications

Personnel and expertise

  • Improving productivity