Peak load power 1/2007-2/2011

The Finnish act which secures the security of supply of electricity and ensures that condensing power capacity, which is under a threat of being closed down, will be kept in readiness for use so that a balance between electricity production and consumption is retained, was into force from 15 December 2006 to 28 February 2011. By virtue of the act, Fingrid was to maintain the related arrangement.

In the winter period, the condensing power plants participating in the peak load power arrangement were kept in a starting readiness of a maximum of 12 hours, and the producers were obliged to offer electricity to the market during the peak load period as stipulated by the rules of the system, or the plants could be started by Fingrid when the maintaining of power balance required this.

Finland and Sweden had introduced common bidding routines for peak load power in the Elspot market. These resources were activated after all commercial Elspot bids had been activated. This ment that the activation of peak load power did not unnecessarily disturb the functioning of the electricity market. Commercial Elspot bids were set the market price even if peak load power had been activated.

The system was financed through separate fees based on the act. Fingrid was entitled to collect these fees from the users of transmission services.

Power reserve capacity had consisted of three power plants, which had been: Mussalo 2 owned by Nokian Lämpövoima Oy, Vaskiluoto 3 owned by PVO Huippuvoima Oy and Kristiina 1 owned by PVO Lämpövoima Oy. The total capacity of the power plants is 600 MW.


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