Datahub Customer Access Portal Q&A

1. How do I sign in to Datahub Customer Access Portal

You sign in to Datahub customer access portal by using the identification service provided by the service. Using authentication is safe and easy:

  • You can choose which of the available authentication methods you want to use.
  • Your credentials go in a secure connection.
  • The identification service takes care of the protection of your privacy in accordance with the legislation and regulations on the processing of personal data in Finland.

A company's representative can log in to the company's information if he or she has the right to use the service.

2. What information do I find in the customer access portal

In the Customer Access Portal, you can view your contract information, accounting point information of your contract, metering data of the accounting point and the authorizations you have granted. (question 15, how do you give authorizations).

On the front page of the customer portal, you can see all your contract information. By selecting the desired contract, you can view not only the contract information but also the accounting point of the selected contract and consumption data for that accounting point.

By contracts, you can also see how your contract information has been maintained. In case of any ambiguity, please contact your electricity supplier or distribution network company to clear this out.

In addition to your own customer information, you will also see how your customer information have been maintained. In case of any changes, please contact your energy supplier. If you have an agreement with more than one suppliers, it is enough to notify one of your suppliers of the need for change.

3. From how long my data can be found on the Datahub

In the start-up phase, historical data for a maximum period of six years has been imported into the Datahub, or for a maximum period of the customer's contract if the contract has been valid for less than six years.

The graph for energy consumption only shows information one year at a time.

4. Why don't I see data for the entire duration of my contract

If the supplier or network company has made amendments to your contract during your contract period, it is possible that your contract will not appear in the Datahub for the entire duration of your contract. In case of any ambiguity, please contact your electricity supplier or network company to clear this out.

5. What information is collected and from whom

Datahub processes information related to electricity accounting points. It contains data on the accounting point owner/operator, as well as, for example, the accounting point’s consumption information. For instance, when a person moving to a new apartment enters into an electricity contract with an electricity supplier and a network company, their information is updated in the Datahub system via the electricity supplier. This means that the information related to the electricity accounting point, the apartment in question, is located in the same system. The accounting point data recorded by the electricity supplier or network company in their systems is transferred to Datahub.

Personal data stored in Datahub includes:

The person’s identification and contact information – personal identity code or date of birth

The person’s name


Phone number

Email address

Information on the contract

Electricity accounting point Electricity accounting point address

Additional information on the electricity accounting point (e.g. fuse rating, connection status)

Grid agreement product

Possible authorizations

Information on invoicing

Invoicing method/invoicing address on the contract

Consumption information

6. Disclosure and transfer of data

Datahub provides information to eSett, which carries out Nordic imbalance settlement, the aggregated distribution network imbalance settlement information for the purposes of joint Nordic imbalance settlement.

Datahub reports key figures to the Energy Authority regarding the number of contracts and accounting points.

In accordance with the Electricity Market Act, Datahub provides Statistics Finland with accounting point and consumption information for the performance of statutory tasks.

Datahub discloses to suppliers, network companies and service providers the information they are entitled to on the basis of contracts or authorizations for the performance of their own processes.

7. Who is entitled to my information

The party who has an agreement with the electricity user or who has been authorized by the electricity user to receive the data is entitled to receive information from the Datahub. Information is only available for the duration of the contract. That is, even if the information of the electricity user has changed after the termination of the contract, the party who has had an agreement with the electricity user will only receive from the Datahub the information that was valid during the contract.

The parties operating in Datahub are electricity suppliers, network companies and service providers. Service providers may provide value-added services to end-users who have authorized them.

The market parties also have the option of authorizing another party to act on their behalf.

8. How long will the information be retained

The information will be retained for six years after the contract for the accounting point and the metering based on it has ended.

9. How is the information protected

Fingrid is a critical operator for security of supply, and we follow security procedures in line with this responsibility.

Encrypted communications are used to transmit data between the different parties. Access to the Datahub system and the information it contains is restricted to parties entitled to this information. The databases are protected.

10. Purpose of personal data

In accordance with the Electricity Market Act, Datahub operates as a centralised information exchange system and is thus responsible for

  • maintaining information on customers and electricity accounting points on the electricity market
  • organizing the information exchange required by the customer contract processes for the sale and distribution of electricity
  • organizing the information exchange for metering data
  • organizing disconnection and connection processes
  • maintaining product and invoice row information

11.  is a personal identity code needed for Datahub

A personal identity code is used to identify the person in Datahub. Identification is important in order to keep the customer information provided by different electricity companies up-to-date and so as not to confuse the contract and electricity consumption data of persons with the same name.

A personal identity code enables the use of strong authentication for logging into the customer portal provided by Datahub

12. Can I delete my information from Datahub

Datahub collects and stores information under the Electricity Market Act. Information cannot be deleted until six years have elapsed since there was a valid electricity contract. After that, Datahub deletes the information automatically. If you believe that your information should not be in Datahub because you do not have or have not had an electricity contract in the last six years, you can contact our customer service via this contact form and we will review the situation.

13. How is the information of customers with a non-disclosure order protected

In a situation where the electricity consumer has notified the electricity company of a non-disclosure order, the company also conveys this information to Datahub. Datahub protects the electricity consumer’s information by revoking any authorizations granted by them. The parties that already have a contract with the customer are still entitled to customer information. A customer with a non-disclosure order cannot grant authorizations to their information to other parties.

Even without a non-disclosure order, only companies with which the electricity consumer has a contract are able to view the information recorded in the Datahub system. At no point will the information be available to all companies using Datahub.

14. Does the portal display information of all my contracts?

When taking the Datahub into use, the data on the systems of the electricity suppliers and network companies have been imported into the Datahub. The data was retrieved just before the go-live of Datahub and contracts valid during that time or contracts expired within six weeks of the time of collection have been entered into the Datahub. Therefore, you may not have all the contract history in the data hub.

From the Datahub customer access portal, you can see your own agreements and authorizations for each accounting point.

15. How can I authorize a service provider for my own information

You can authorize the service provider for your own information in the Authorizations section of the main page of the customer access portal

Click Create Authorization.

  • Choose the accounting point you want to authorize.
  • Choose the right organisation from the list. You can write the name of your service provider or the beginning of the name to ease up the search.
  • Choose the authorization type
    • Energy reporting – The customer authorizes a consultant to handle all its matters related to electricity use e.g. with the use of reporting service.
    • Invitation to tender - The customer authorizes the supplier to view its information so that the supplier can provide a better offer in a competitive bidding situation.
    • Competitive bidding – The customer agrees with a consultant concerning competitive bidding and authorizes the consultant to view the customer information and accounting point data.
  • Enter the start date of the authorization and the desired end date. Depending on the type of authorization, the system suggests an expiration date
  • Enter a description if necessary. The information is passed from the data hub to the organization you authorize.
  • If the given information is correct, click Save.

The information of the given authorization is sent to the organisation you authorized.

16. My information needs to be corrected, how is it done

If you notice that there is an error in your information, you should contact your electricity supplier or network company to correct the information. The data submitted to the Datahub is not modified, but the correction must be made in the systems of the electricity supplier or network company. The corrected information is then updated into the Datahub.

17. How do I find the contact information of my supplier or network company

The contact information for your supplier or network company you find behind the button “Show organization contact”.  

18. Do I find meter readings form my consumption data

Your consumption data is stored in the Datahub as hourly time series data. Cumulative meter reading data, i.e. what is displayed on your electricity meter, is not imported into Datahub

19. Why has the metering data changed

The distribution network company provides hourly measurement data to Datahub. Sometimes it can happen that not all hourly values ​​can be read from remotely readable meters and it is necessary to evaluate this data. When the meter is then read, the values ​​may deviate from the estimated one and the distribution network company will correct the actual information instead of the estimated one.

20. Why am I redirected to the login page again and again when logging in to the service?

In most cases, clearing your browser's cache will help with this error.