16.10.2020 13:48

TSO Fingrid is preparing to connect wind power to the grid and modernise the network in Siikajoki

New wind power is coming to Siikajoki. Fingrid Oyj is preparing to connect wind power to the main grid and modernise dilapidated parts of the existing network in Siikajoki in collaboration with the distribution system operator, Elenia. The overhauls are one part of the construction of the platform for a clean power system in Finland.

Elenia will build a new 110-kV transmission line in the municipality of Siikajoki leading to the Siikajoenkylä substation, which will be overhauled. The new transmission line will replace the existing 45-kV line, which has reached the end of its service life. A new transmission line is necessary to connect the region’s wind power output to the main grid. Fingrid is contributing to the project by building the 10-kilometre Siikajoki–Olkijärvi transmission line using shared towers along the same right-of-way in order to prepare for the replacement of the existing 110-kV transmission line between Pyhäkoski and Raahe. A 110-kV switching field will be added to the Siikajoki substation to connect the new transmission line. The network operators are combining their needs in order to reduce their costs and decrease the width of the power line corridor, which crosses land such as fields.

The existing 110-kV connection between Pyhäkoski and Raahe was built in 1963 on wooden poles, and its main purpose is to supply SSAB’s steel factory in Raahe. The existing transmission line is ageing, and Fingrid has begun making preparations to modernise the transmission line and safeguard the power supply to Raahe. The transmission line will initially be built on shared towers as far as Olkijärvi, from where it can be extended onwards to Raahe.

Elenia is responsible for commissioning the construction of the transmission lines on shared towers. The entire project is planned to go live in autumn 2022.

Further information:
Timo Kiiveri, Director, Network Asset Construction and Maintenance
tel.  +358 40 543 3039

e-mail address format: firstname.lastname@fingrid.fi