16.10.2020 13:49
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Fingrid has chosen the route for the new transmission line between Huittinen and Forssa

Fingrid will conduct the further planning of the transmission line project between Huittinen and Forssa based on the eastern transmission line route in the vicinity of the Huittinen substation and based on the southwestern route in Minkiö, Jokioinen. Information obtained from the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure and the related interaction with stakeholders was used in the decision-making. The EIA’s coordinating authority issued its decision on the environmental impact assessment report and the project’s key effects earlier, in August 2020.

Fingrid Oyj is planning a new transmission line between Huittinen and Forssa. The transmission line will be approximately 69 kilometres long and will run through the areas of Huittinen, Loimaa, Humppila, Jokioinen and Forssa. The project utilises the rights-of-way of the area’s existing main grid transmission lines. The major part of the new 400 + 110 kilovolt transmission line would run north of the existing transmission lines, of which the old 110 kilovolt Kolsi-Forssa transmission line will be dismantled. In order to mitigate the effects, several sections of the old transmission line, approximately 11 kilometres in total, will be moved from their own rights-of-way to the new double-circuit tower structure.

Fingrid's role as a builder and operator of a clean power system platform includes taking care of Finland's main grid and developing it to meet the needs of a climate-neutral future. The new Huittinen-Forssa transmission line is needed to increase electricity transmission capacity and maintain system security between the west and south coasts of Finland. The transmission line connection will significantly improve energy efficiency.

The effects of the new transmission line on people and the environment and the possibilities for mitigating adverse effects were studied in an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure in 2019–2020. The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland has found the construction of the power line environmentally acceptable, and Fingrid has now chosen alternative route sections as the basis for further planning.

The approximately five-kilometre long section near the Huittinen substation is being planned according to the eastern route option. The option was designed on the basis of feedback received during the EIA procedure and utilises the right-of-way of the existing transmission line, which reduces the need for new land. The possibilities for reviewing the line’s route will be explored in further planning to mitigate the adverse effects to the nearest residential building.

In Minkiö, Jokioinen, a section of slightly over four kilometres is being planned according to the south-west route option. The area is the least populated of the possible options, and more than four kilometres of the existing transmission line’s right-of-way will be released for other use, which will have positive effects on the local residents and landscape. This line route is also based on feedback received during the environmental impact assessment, demonstrating its effectiveness and importance in main grid transmission line projects.

You can see the location of the new line on the map from this link.

Further planning will begin in 2021 with terrain surveys to determine the final line route and locations of the transmission line towers. We will contact the land owners personally at this stage. The transmission line will be constructed between 2023 and 2025.

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